One Year of Sobriety?

I know, right. To some of you this might seem like an easy no brainer. To others, you will think that the whole idea is whack. 

Funny, because just last night I was chatting with a woman about how I don't feel that complete sobriety is for me. After all, I have reached an incredibly healthy point in my life with regards to alcohol. I am quite moderate, I don't think about it on the daily and I am incredibly mindful of the whole consumption thing. So why sober?

Well...this morning I was checking in on one of my favourites - Danielle LaPorte. I do this often as I am considering over the next year, whether or not I would like to become a Desire Map facilitator. Hence, I visit the site often to see if it still resonates with me, making sure it is truly something that would be of incredible use in my life. I began searching Instagram for #desiremapping to see what workshops were looking like and again, if the posts hit home.

Ha! I ended up stumbling on a woman's page and blog about her decision to go one full year without drinking. She was reflecting on her sober birthday about drunken birthdays of past and I could totally, completely relate. I devoured a few more posts and began to wonder if 365 days sober is something that I could ever want to commit to. 

Recognizing my typically impulsive behaviour, I knew I wanted to sit with it a while. The last thing I would want is to make a public announcement and not WANT to follow through. I have to be sure!

All day I've been considering it. 

Day Two of Consideration

Woke up this morning just as curious about the 365 day challenge as I was yesterday. I mentioned it to my folks and they seemed to think it was a great undertaking - which I guess it is!

All of these feelings that revolve around the idea of it being super hard only seem to be contributing to my feelings that the challenge is necessary. 

What is it about alcohol (even from where I'm standing today, where my relationship with it is completely different than it used to be) that gives everyone the heebie-jeebies to think of cutting it out entirely for one year?

The feeling that comes after a glass of wine or beer. It's relaxing charm. The social awkwardness of being the one who doesn't order a drink. I've come to learn that many heavy drinkers hate having a non-drinker around. I know because I used to be her.

Still, it's really hitting home for me.