Year of Sobriety - Day One

Well, I made it through day 1 of 365! Yay!

I didn't sleep a wink last night and today I am so tired and frustrated.

Yesterday was a long, emotional day. I spent a few hours in the car driving to a 2 year old's birthday gathering and had the opportunity both to and fro to listen to a couple of really insightful podcasts that got me thinking. Then, when I returned home later in the evening I started digging into Alicia Silverstone's book, The Kind Diet...

I broke down into full sob mode when reading about the things we do to animals and of course, the havoc that the agri-meat/dairy/fishing industries are wreaking on the environment. Yes, I fully recognize that it is kind of insane that my 365 days of no alcohol coincides with my entering into vegan-ism, but I swear I didn't plan it that way. I just so happened to watch What the Health, Cowspiracy and The Truth About Food all in one week and bam, I cant un-know what I know. My heart breaks for the total devastation of the planet in the name of feeding us food that is actually hurting us and making us sick.

Last night I was overwhelmed by the feeling that everything is so much bigger than me.

The ecosystems and biology that are millions of years in the making, we have managed to destroy in only one century. People across the globe are starving and we're busy feeding a huge percentage of the world's grains to the animals that we kill. It just doesn't seem fair! I had a moment of thinking: I feel like I could dedicate my whole life to this cause immediately and how can I incorporate it into Hey Sister?

There is so much in this world that we can be of service to, so many people to be in service for, so many beings that don't have a voice that we can be voices makes my challenges with pursuing a singing career feel so damn vain when everything else is going on. 

I know, I know - one thing at a time. I hear you! But, in so many ways this transition into a whole new way of eating and nourishing my body, where I consider just as much what I put in it as much as what I don't, really has me questioning everything. Yesterday as I was listening to a podcast about money, it dawned on me that for so many years I wasn't valuing my body or myself. All those years of drinking speaks highly of my sense of self worth and since self worth is a form of value and value is a stand in for money....lightbulbs! The fact that I am truly valuing myself, my body and my holistic wellness is a huge breakthrough for where I'm at with changing my beliefs about money and my worthiness and ability to accomplish my goals and business dreams.

Here's the thing:

I know that women are the revolution. 

Women are going to turn this world around and put it back into balance. 

I want to help women do that.