My Introduction to the Divine Feminine

Had I heard the phrase "divine feminine" or the "feminine consciousness" a few years ago, I truly don't know what my response would have been. Certainly, the understanding and openness I have to these stimulating words today is only a result of my recent journey. Though my dedicated and thoughtful change mostly started over a year ago when I began Psychoanalytic therapy, I really only started delving into the concept of the feminine and feminine energy in September 2016. It hit me like one massive wave.

I offer much gratitude to a very sacred space here in Hamilton, Ontario called Soul Sessions and to its owner, Alicia. There I was finding my groove as an Energy Exchanger, dedicating more and more time to the practice of yoga when Alicia mentioned one morning very casually, that she felt she needed to engage more of her feminine energy in her business. 

My ears perked and my inquisitive and open nature leapt at the opportunity to inquire. It was then that I learned of Liz Dialto, Danielle La Porte, Carrie Green, Rebecca Campbell and others. As Alicia explained to me her take on the concept it was like a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders and my heart - my life would literally never be the same. 

At its core, here is what I understood that day:

Men tend to charge ahead in a very results driven manner and are often somewhat aggressive in how they go about this. 

Women, at our core tend to be less results driven and slower in the process.

Obviously this is oversimplified and of course, men and women's tendencies and energies are unbelievably complex but I think there is something in this that everyone can relate to. You might be a woman who feels extremely results driven and 'go-go-go' in your business and in life. You might be a man who feels less results driven and might like to move at a slower pace. There are bound to be grey areas and bound to be differences and overlaps, but there is a lot of conversation happening around these concepts that seem to be very relatable and true for a lot of people. 

This is such a challenging conversation to have for so many reasons. These kind of thoughts lead us back to the topic of feminism and challenge certain notions that we have carried throughout our entire lives. In fact, when taking a deeper look at these ideas, it can challenge a lot of what many women over the last century have been fighting for - to be the SAME as men. 

Before you freak out, take a deep breath. There is a big difference in being EQUAL vs being the SAME and I feel that this is where the juice lies. Women are not the same as men. Men are not the same as women. These difference (of which you can learn and study about for forever and a day) are mind-blowingly beautiful and are what is needed to create and cultivate balance in life - the yin and yang. 

Every woman has masculine energies and ways of being just as every man has feminine energies and ways of being. It is the challenge to bring these into balance in ourselves, in our relationships and in the world. 

I am all for EQUALITY - women having the same rights and opportunities and respect as men and vice versa, but I do not believe that we are the same by nature. 

It is these unique differences that we need to pay attention to, learn about, discover within ourselves and nurture and encourage in others in order to reach our full potential as women. In order to understand WHO we are, we need to understand HOW we are and WHY we are. Instead of trying to take on this masculine way of moving through life, let's step into our nature and forge a new path. 

This balance between male and female has been non-existent in our patriarchal world for too long. It isn't about male vs female or female vs male but rather, turning the volume knob on the feminine up to be at an equal volume with the masculine so we can restore balance and unity in ourselves and also on this beautiful, suffering planet.