Carissa Kimbell


singer, writer, creative soul.

I've never had a lack of ideas. For me, it's always been a matter of WHICH path I should choose, not what.

Everything I do blends into the other - creativity is the bass line that holds it all together. It's the glue, it's the heartbeat, it's the little fire burning in the dead of night.

Simply put, I wear many hats.

I spend a lot of time writing blog posts, reading and navigating my way through this exciting new chapter of my life. I have a big vision for Hey Sister -  a personal project of mine which aims to shed light on the not often talked about topic of women, alcohol and the limiting cultural and societal beliefs and structures that us women have absorbed over generations.

Basically, I love having important conversations about difficult things. 

  Photo by Canada's Music Incubator

Photo by Canada's Music Incubator

Hey Sister

Important conversations are often the most difficult ones to have. 

Hey Sister is a blog and community created for women to facilitate conversation about challenging topics such as alcohol, femininity and the status quo. 

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Singer & Songwriter

My first passion in life is singing. But, like most relationships - "it's complicated". 

Losing my breath to asthma actually helped me find my voice. 


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